Social Justice Education Symposium

Regretfully, this event has been postponed as a result of the situation with Covid-19. Please contact if you have purchased a ticket and are in need of a refund.


Tickets for ESJNS’s upcoming Social Justice Education Symposium Planting Seeds for Our Future Liberation are now available!

Tickets can be purchased online via Eventbrite for $25 each, which includes a light lunch and snack. In the interest of making the event as accessible to all, please consider sponsoring additional attendees as an “add on”. Reduced rates are available for students and others at the door, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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Educators for Social Justice is requesting proposals for our second annual symposium on social justice education. This year’s theme is, “Planting Seeds for Our Future Liberation“.

Mi’kmaw educator and scholar Marie Battiste has said, “Every school is either a site of reproduction or a site of change. In other words, education can be liberating, or it can be domesticate and maintain domination. It can sustain colonization in neo-colonial ways or it can decolonize.”

What would school have to be in order to be a site of change and decolonization?

As Ruha Benjamin, associate professor in African American Studies at Princeton University, says, we are living in someone else’s imagination. Our education system is the product of someone else’s imagination, and it is a system where Indigenous and African Nova Scotian students are disproportionately policed while being academically underserved. As Benjamin says, “We have to seed our own imagined future.”

We are asking for proposals for symposium workshops and sessions where citizens can work through imagining what school for decolonization could look like here in Mi’kma’ki, and begin planting the seeds for our collective liberation.

We are accepting proposals for a one-hour presentation or workshop. Please include 100-word description and a short bio of presenter(s). Please forward to

The first annual ESJNS Social Justice Education Symposium was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on May 25th 2019. Featuring eight workshops on social justice topics and an engaging keynote session, the symposium set a positive tone for active discussion of social justice concerns impacting our education system and our communities.