Teacher’s Voices: An Independent Report on Nova Scotia’s Education System

Educators for Social Justice Nova Scotia is collecting information from teachers for an independent report on Nova Scotia’s education system. We are encouraging Nova Scotia teachers to contribute by participating in this survey.

Why do we want to hear from you?

Following a year of contract negotiations which ended with an unprecedented teachers’ strike and an imposed contract, the provincial Liberal government has committed to researching conditions in our schools via the Council to Improve Classroom Conditions. For a variety of reasons, many teachers have expressed skepticism with the partisan interests of the Council. Our goal is to provide an alternate reading of classroom conditions in Nova Scotia through the eyes of teachers and others who work within the school system.

We are not receiving any funding to complete this report, nor are we connected to any governing body, school board, or government department. Through multiple teachers’ perspectives, we want to create a nuanced understanding of education that centers the experience of teachers, and is free from partisan interests.

What we will do with this information?

The collected information will be widely distributed through social media networks and possibly other online local press outlets. Since teaching is a dynamic occupation with a wide variety of experiences, we are open to all perspectives and will take all voices into account. Answers are anonymous, and unless participants choose to volunteer their information, no email addresses will be collected through the survey. We won’t contact you for any follow-up questions or for any other reason.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Your voice matters to us, and could possibly make a difference in shaping public perceptions of teaching in Nova Scotia. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at: esjnovascotia@gmail.com.



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